Service Rates

Facilities and custodial service rates are approved by the Office of Finance in accordance with University policy. The rates cover the hourly cost of labor and overhead expenses, and does not include any mark up. To request a cost estimate, please ask that an estimate be prepared before the work is completed.

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Facilities Services Rates
ServiceJob CodeInternal Hourly Rate
Facilities000307 - Assistant Skilled Trades Suprv$83
Facilities000381 - Landscape Supervisor$77
FacilitiesKU1031 - General Maintenance Repair Tec$61
FacilitiesKU1032 - General Maintenance Worker$58
FacilitiesKU1102 - Landscape Worker$54
FacilitiesKU1104 - Landscape Worker Senior$57
FacilitiesKU3012 - Equipment Operator$61
FacilitiesKU3013 - Boiler Operator$62
FacilitiesKU3014 - Plumber$62
FacilitiesKU3017 - General Maint Repair Tech Sr$69
FacilitiesKU3018 - Electrician$70
FacilitiesKU3019 - Carpenter$65
FacilitiesKU3041 - Boiler Operator Senior$70
FacilitiesKU3042 - Carpenter Senior$69
FacilitiesKU3043 - Electrician Senior$71
FacilitiesKU3044 - HVAC Technician Senior$83
FacilitiesKU3046 - Painter Senior$65
FacilitiesKU3047 - Steamfitter Senior$65
FacilitiesKU3048 - Equipment Mechanic Senior$67
FacilitiesKU3053 - Plumber Senior$68
FacilitiesKU3054 - HVAC Technician$68
FacilitiesKU3055 - Boiler Technician$66
FacilitiesKU3057 - Sheet Metal Worker Senior$64
FacilitiesKU3059 - Steamfitter$63
FacilitiesKU3064 - Pump Mechanic$67
FacilitiesKU3069 - Welder Senior$71
FacilitiesKU5062 - Electronics Technician$65
Custodial000322 - Custodial Supervisor$46
Custodial000379 - Assistant Custodial Supervisor$43
CustodialKU1012 - Custodian$30
CustodialKU1032 - General Maintenance Worker$40
CustodialKU1074 - Assistant Custodial Supervisor$45