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Service Level Priorities

The Service Level Priorities for work orders are defined as follows:

Priority 1 - Emergency

Response Time: Immediate

Emergency work orders take priority over all other work and require immediate action to address situations that present immediate or imminent danger to life, health, safety, security, or significant damage to buildings, equipment or other property.

Priority 2 - Urgent

Response Time: Within 48 Hours

Urgent work orders are unscheduled and reactive and may pose a threat of personal injury, cause property or equipment damage, or serious disruption of service. This type of work demands prompt attention to supplement emergency repairs or prevent a subsequent emergency. Urgent work orders may include responses to safety deficiencies and regulatory violations.

Priority 3 - Scheduled

Response Time: Within 5 Days

Scheduled work orders address date-sensitive requests. This is work that may require prior coordination and lead time to procure supplies and/or services. Scheduled work orders include preventive maintenance services intended to protect and preserve physical assets and reduce the threat of major equipment breakdowns.

Priority 4 - Routine

Response Time: Within 10 Days

Routine work orders address service or project requests that do not pose a threat to life and property or disrupt University operations. These requests are put in the job queue and are processed in the order they are received.