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Facilities Services Administration Building, 1503 Sunflower Road, Lawrence, KS 66044

Housed in the Facilities Administration Building are:

  • Facilities Services -Facilities Services Administration (Vince Avila & Amber Wood, Zone 4)
  • Energy - George Werth, Josh Wheeler, Kevin Swisher, Owen Mallonee

Facilities Services Zone Offices:

Zone map can be found here.

Zone 1, Facilities Services Shop Building, 1851 Westbrooke, West Campus

Zone 2, Ellsworth Hall, 1734 Engle Road, Main Campus

Zone 3, Robinson Gym, 1301 Sunnyside, Main Campus

Zone 4, Facilities Services Administration Annex, Old Engineering Office, 1503 Sunflower Road, Main Campus


Historical information on the Facilities Administration Building, as well as other historic structures, can be found here.





Please call 864-4770 for assistance.